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Publishing your Master’s Paper at Brandeis

As of May 2015, GSAS Master’s students whose departments require a Master’s paper now have the option of depositing their papers to the BIR.

GSAS collaborates with Library and Technology Services for submission and archiving of electronic versions of Master’s papers through electronic deposit to the Brandeis Institutional Repository. Authors may find this advantageous since an electronic version of the paper can include photographs, simulations, video clips and sound, thumbnail pages, and links to aid navigation through the document. Adding color to diagrams of molecules and simulating three-dimensional models would enhance the impact and possibly clarify for readers some of your ideas.

If you would like to submit your paper to the BIR, please have your advisor email institutionalrepository @ to trigger the creation of your submission permissions.

Then, save a Microsoft Word .doc/.docx version of your paper in addition to the PDF file you will eventually create in Adobe Acrobat. NAME your file with your last name, “MApaper”, and year of completion. No spaces should appear in the filename. Example: JeromeMApaper2015.pdf

Once your paper is in a suitable PDF format for submission, go to and select “login” under My Account. Use your UNet ID and password to log in. Select the Submissions option under My Account. This will take you to the first step of the submission process.

A pdf of the General Guidelines for Master’s paper submissions can be found here.

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