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Brandeis Open Access Fund Description

The Library, in collaboration with the Provost, have established a fund to finance payment of article processing fees for Brandeis University authors who wish to publish in open access journals. Open access monograph publishing by high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly presses will also be considered on a case-by-case basis. Open access funds demonstrate an institution’s concrete support for new and innovative research publishing models. The fund is administered through the Brandeis Library.

What is the purpose of this funding?

The purpose of the Brandeis Library Open Access Fund is to extend Brandeis University’s support of scholarly publishing by faculty, postdoctoral fellows and research associates, graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff in established, scholarly journals that are not supported through subscriptions. Therefore, the Library prefers to pay the publisher directly rather than reimbursing authors.

Who is eligible to receive funding?

Brandeis University faculty, postdoctoral fellows and research associates, graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff.

What fees does the fund support?

Article publication fees that follow a publication’s standard fee schedule, independent of the author’s institution, are supported with this fund.

What publications are eligible?

Established, scholarly open access journals, which are defined as scholarly journals that do not charge any fees to readers or to institutions in exchange for access to peer-reviewed articles or other “premium” content. Journals that charge subscriptions or other fees to make current articles available in one or more formats, including journals that use a delayed open-access model, are not eligible venues for publication. Subscription-based journals that charge a fee, sometimes called an “author’s choice” or “open choice” fee, to make single articles available by open access are not eligible. In addition, eligible journals must:


Brandeis authors should evaluate the quality of an open access journal’s content and reputation, as well as the value of its services, in comparison to its fee schedule when deciding whether to place a manuscript with that journal, just as authors currently assess quality when placing their manuscripts with subscription-based journals.

What if the research on which the article is based was funded by a grant?

The Brandeis University Open Access Fund is a source of last resort for funding publication fees. Articles that result from current grants that will cover publication fees (such as those from NIH, NSF, or Howard Hughes Medical Institute) are not eligible for funding. Brandeis grant seekers are strongly encouraged to include a line item for publication costs in all grant and gift proposals.

Exceptions to this policy can be made on a case-by-case basis. As we promote this fund more, we want to encourage the inclusion of publication costs in the grant proposal; however, we understand that not all community members have been aware of this fund.

Are there limits on support?

The limit for a single payment is set at $3,000. Individual authors may be supported up to $3,000 per year in journal payments, in order to make funding available to the greatest number of authors.

In the case of multiple authors from different institutions, the Brandeis author’s support will be a prorated portion of the publication fee, which will be set by dividing the fee by the number of authors, and multiplying that by the number of Brandeis authors.

How does the funding work?

Once an author has a manuscript accepted by a qualifying journal and receives a statement or invoice for publication charges, they should fill out the application form. Questions about the process or policy may be sent to Mark Paris, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources & Discovery. Payment will be made directly to the journal on the author’s behalf. A copy of the supported work will need to be submitted within three months of payment.

Will information on what works have been supported be made available?

Yes. The Brandeis Library will make information on what articles have been supported available by request and through occasional news notes. Brandeis contributes data to the Open Access Funds in Action report from SPARC.

Where may I get further information or help in requesting support?

For information or assistance, contact:

Mark Paris, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources & Discovery, Goldfarb Library 69-34, 781-736-4695

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